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Betting Numbers Explained: 1X2, Spread, Handicap and Others

When you load up any of the best sports betting sites, one of the first things you will see will be a lot of numbers. Some of the numbers on the screen represent betting markets, others represent betting odds or other important elements. This page has all the betting numbers explained in detail, so keep reading and learn all about the number necessary when developing your own betting strategies.

Most important facts:

  • 1×2 Betting, who will win the match
  • Point Spread, team to win by a margin
  • Bet on Handicap, giving one team an advantage
  • Understand the betting odds

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Basic Betting Numbers Explained

Sports betting is all about the numbers. How many points will be scored, what will be the winning margin, what odds are we being laid? All of these numbers make up the basics of sports betting without which you cannot even begin to place any bets.

Betting odds are the most important numbers you need to understand. The odds represent the price you are getting on a certain bet. The higher the odds, the more money you will win when your bet lands, but the lesser the chance for it to land. Of course, if you know something that the bookies don’t, you might just end up taking advantage of the high odds laid. You can read more about the betting odds in our separate guide on betting odds, so we will say no more about them here.

Sports betting numbers explained

Sports betting is all about analyzing the numbers and the statistics

Other important numbers when it comes to betting at some of the best sports betting sites include the over/under lines, point spreads and 1×2 betting options. All of these will be explained in more detail on this page.

1×2 Betting Explained

1×2 betting is one of the most common types of sports betting. In this type of sports betting, the bettor is betting on the final outcome of the match. Tip 1 represents betting on the home team to win. Tip 2 represents betting on the away team to win. Tip X represents betting on the game to end in a draw.

1x2 Betting Explained

1×2 betting market at Betway Sports

1×2 betting is often popular in team sports such as football, basketball, handball and others. In sports like tennis, the X does not exist, making only 1 and 2 options viable. Users at betting sites in Kenya can place 1×2 bets on all types of sports both pre-match and in-play.

Point Spread Betting Explained

Point spread betting is a type of sports betting where one of the competing teams is given an advantage at the beginning of the game. Instead of simply making a 1×2 bet, you can make a point spread bet and get better odds. In point spread betting, the numbers are represented with a – or + in front.

One team is given an advantage and is associated with a – number. You can think of this as one team starting with fewer points at the start of the match. For instance, in a basketball match, a team might be associated with a -5.5 value. Making a bet on this selection means that you believe the team will win by more than 5 points at the end.

The number associated with the bet represents how many points a team is being spotted. In cases where big favorites are playing against underdogs, big spreads may happen; to compensate for the advantage one team has and make the odds more even. This way, you can still bet on such matches without the odds being almost completely not worth betting on.

Over/Under Betting Explained

Another popular type of betting is the over/under betting, which you can often find mentioned in our betting tips. In such bets, a number called the line is fixed and bettors can place their bets on the final outcome going over or under that line. Common examples of over/under betting include the number of goals or points in a sports match, the number of corners or cards in a football match etc.

Many sports betting strategies include betting on the over/under markets instead of making the more classic 1×2 bets. Many professional sports bettors believe this market to be more predictable, which is why they choose this market over others.

Live Betting Numbers Explained

Live betting, just like pre-match betting, is based on numbers. Live betting sites in Kenya allow players to place bets on most of the same markets that are available before the start of each match, including 1×2, point spread, handicap and others.

With live betting, it is extremely important to understand the betting odds you are placing your bet on. The odds are constantly changing during in-play betting, so you will want to pay special attention of those numbers and place your bets when the odds are the most favorable in contrast to the time left until the end of the match.

Conclusion: Learn Your Numbers

Sports betting is truly a game of mathematics and numbers which is why it is so crucial to understand what all the numbers in a sports betting lobby represent and how to apply them when making your own bets.

Some of the betting markets rely heavily on numbers and understanding what they mean is essential to making a bet. Point spreads, handicaps and other similar markets require you to think about how many points will be scored and bet on final numbers in a match, which is quite different than simply placing a bet on the expected winner.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand how these basic sports betting markets work and how to bet on them, while our extensive betting odds guide should help you understand how betting odds work and how to interpret them in their three most common formats.

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