Betting Provider Comparison/Betting Sites with Free Bets: Claim Your Free Money

Betting Sites with Free Bets: Claim Your Free Money

Ladbrokes Freebet

Online gambling sites are always enticing players to join them and free bets are one of the most common awards you will get when joining an online sportsbook. Find out what sites offer the biggest and most lucrative free bets to their new users and how you can claim them.

Sign up Now for a Free Bet

Plenty of sportsbooks out there offer free bets to their new users. On the list below, you will find the names of the best sports betting sites in Kenya that offer free bets when you join them. Pick a bookmaker now and enjoy your free bet.

Betfair Bonus
50% up to 20GBP
Sky Bet Bonus
100% up to 10GBP
William Hill Bonus
300% up to 30GBP
BetVictor Bonus
400% up to 40GBP
Sbobet Bonus
100% up to 200EUR
Actual Bonus of Sbobet:
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Free bets are a great and risk free way to try new sports betting strategies or make some quick money with sports betting. If you are looking for ways to boost your betting bankroll or simply want to have some fun with it and throw out a few bets, picking any bookmaker on this list will give you a risk free way of doing just that.

Paddy Power free bets

Claim Free Bets at Paddy Power and other sportsbooks

Best Bookmaker Criteria

The list on this page is one of the best bookmakers with free bets, but we want to be sure that you are betting with the best sports betting sites in every way possible. This is why we have reviewed every bookie in Kenya and we are now bringing you the top 10 criteria we used in rating them. Make sure you apply the same criteria when choosing the next bookie you will bet with.

  • Sports Portfolio: The choice of sports and markets that you can bet on is one of the crucial criteria you need to look at when picking a bookmaker. After all, what use is a bookie who won’t take your bets on the games you want to bet on.
  • Best Odds: Many bookmakers try to make money by giving their customers very low betting odds. You need to avoid such bookmakers at all costs and you can use our betting odds comparison [Betting Odds Comparison] to make sure you are getting the best price every time.
  • Bonuses and Free Bets: Online sportsbooks regularly give their customers free bets and bonuses to keep them around. Be sure to always bet with the best sign up bonus [Best Sign Up Bonus] you can get and make use of all that extra value.
  • Bookmaker Banking: Betting online means you have to get money out of your bank account and into your betting wallet. To do so, you will need to bet with a bookie that allows deposits via your favorite banking methods and makes fast enough cashouts to make betting worth your while.
  • Security Protocols: One of our primary concerns is that our users are safe when betting online. Make sure you are always betting with a bookmaker who uses the latest safety protocols to protect your identity and your money. Only bet with fully licensed online bookmakers.
  • Customer Support: If anything does go wrong, customer support are the ones who can help you, so we encourage you to test out the customer support agents at any sports betting site before you join them.
  • Live Betting Options: Live betting is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you do enjoy betting once the action is already underway, than you will need to find a bookie with a solid live betting platform. Fortunately there are plenty of live betting sites in Kenya to choose from.
  • Betting Platform: Whether you are using a mobile device or your desktop computer, you want to bet on a site whose platform is modern, fast and easy to use. Make sure you find a nice and usable betting platform that suites your preferences.
  • Betting Limits: Some sites impose very low maximum betting limits, while others only allow you to make some pretty big bets. Before you join up with a bookmaker, make sure you can make the best you want to make.
  • Special Features: Special features of betting sites such as the live score platform, team stats and cashout option are all useful to have around. The more options are available with a bookmaker, the more confidence you should give them.

Making Use of Free Bets

Free bets are equal to real cash! Just imagine if every time you made a bet, you didn’t have to put any money on the line. While this is not possible every time, every once in a while, a bookmaker will let you have a completely free bet and we advise you make full use of it, especially when just signing up.

William Hill Free Bets

Claim GBP 30 in free bets at William Hill

No matter if you are an experienced punter who bets thousands of dollars weekly or a casual player who likes to bet every now and again, free bets are a completely free boost to your bankroll, however big it may be.

We recommend signing up with any of the sites in this comparison and making use of the free bets on offer. If you are out of ideas on what to bet your free bet on, check out our betting tips for some great and profitable tips for the upcoming matches.

Get the Best of your Free Bets

The concept of free bets is a fairly simple one, but you should make sure you know what you are doing before you claim any free bet. This way, you will optimize your returns from the free bet you make and never run into any trouble with the bookies. Here are our top tips for turning over free bets in the best way.

  • Check the terms: When claiming any free bets offers in Kenya, be sure to check all the conditions of the free bet. Sometimes you will have to bet on certain minimum betting odds, sometimes there will be a wagering requirement tied to the winnings etc. Be sure you know exactly what you are getting before you make your bet.
  • Don’t risk too much: Free bets come with no monetary risk but you do stand to win money every time you make one. Make sure you are making a bet that is not too risky in terms of odds and that has a decent chance of getting you some returns.
  • Don’t chase the loss: In case your free bet ends up being a loser, there is no need to try and chase the losses. Remember, the bet was free and you don’t need to win the money back. You may as well go on and get the next free bet.
  • Be patient: Just because you got a free bet right now, does not mean you have to place it within minutes. Be patient, wait for a good value bet to come around as you normally would and only bet when you are sure there is profit to be had.
  • Shop around: Every site in this comparison offers free sign up bets. There is no reason you should not use them all. Sign up with multiple bookmakers and get the best of every free bet offer available for maximum value.

Conclusion: Betting with No Risk is Awesome

If we could bet with no risk involved, things would certainly become a lot more interesting and less stressful. While we can’t do this on a daily basis, every once in a while a free bet does present itself and it is fantastic value. Be sure to check back regularly for new betting sites with free bets and sign up with the ones we are recommending today to get the most value out of your sports betting time.

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