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Betting Slip Explained: Where the Bets are Made

Betting slip is not a new concept in the world of sports betting, as bookies have been using betting slips to accept bets at race tracks and live betting stores for many years. Walk into a betting shop anywhere around the world and you will receive one form of a betting slip or another to confirm your bet has been placed. Best sports betting sites on the internet also use a betting slip for users to review their bets, their final odds and all the info on the bet they are planning to make.

Most important facts:

  • Betting slip lets you review your bets
  • Place singles, doubles or combos
  • Review your final odds
  • Place your bet fast and easy

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What is a Betting Slip?

Most betting sites in Kenya and around the world use a betting slip on their site as the place where a user can see all their selections, review them and finally place a bet on them. The betting slip is usually found on the right side of the betting site’s layout. The betting slip shows you the selections you have picked, the odds for each selection and in case of a combo bet the final odds.

Betting Slip Explained

Punters around the world fill live betting slips every day

Users can use the betting slip to review their potential bet, add or remove selections at will and finally type in the amount they wish to bet. Once the user clicks the bet button, the bet is placed at the odds shown on the slip, for the amount selected. Punters use many sports betting strategies, some of which include only betting on single selections and others making combo bets. In either case, all the bets are placed through betting slips.

How to Place a Bet

Placing a bet with online bookmakers is very simple. Make your selections by selecting the sport you want to bet on, the match you want to bet on within that sport and finally the market you are interested in. Once you click on a bet, it will be added to your betting slip and you will be able to see the odds offered on it.

If you wish, you can add combo bets to a single betting slip, or add just one bet, called a single. If you do go for doubles, triples, or combos, you will also be able to see the combined odds at the bottom of your betting slip, which are calculated by multiplying the odds for all the selections on the betting slip.

If you are content with the final odds of your betting slip, you can insert the amount you wish to bet and place your bet by clicking the bet button. If the odds on any of your selections have changed, the system will inform you of this and you will have the option of placing your bet regardless or changing your betting slip in any way you see fit.

Singles v Combos

Single bets are very popular in some sports such as horse racing, where most punters will want to bet on a horse to win a race or come top three. Users who want to copy our betting tips [betting tips] will also want to place single bets and not risk losing the bet due to another selection on the betting slip.

On the other hand, many other punters like to bet on combos, hoping to hit many different selections in a given period and win many times their initial stake. Combos are a lot riskier but also offer a much bigger reward, as the odds on betting slips with combos are multiplied not added together.

Here is an example of the difference between combos and singles:

  • Bet KSH 100 on Selection A at 2.00 and win KSH 200
  • Bet KSH 100 on Selection B at 1.80 and win KSH 180
  • Bet KSH 100 on Selection C at 2.50 and win KSH 250
  • Bet KSH 100 on Selections A, B and C and win KSH 900

As you can see in the example above, betting on each of the three selections separately would result in you having to place KSH 300 to win just KSH 630. On the other hand, placing just KSH 100 on a combo with all three selections would result in you winning 900 if all three selections are winners.

BWIN Betting Slip

Place Combo bets and find out which bets can be combined in the BWIN betting slip area

The upside of sports betting on singles is the fact that you can get some money back by winning just a single selection. On a combo, any of the selections not winning will result in the entire bet being a loser. There is a lot of weighing going on in terms of betting singles or combos and ultimately you have to decide how sure you are of your choices. If you think you have several selections that will likely win, you can try putting them on a combo while also betting them as singles for backup.

Live Betting Slips

Live betting is becoming more and more popular in recent years. A number of live betting sites in Kenya have introduces in-play betting options, while international sites have been offering it for a while.

In live betting, just like in pre-match betting, online bookies allow you to place your selection on a betting slip before actually placing the bet. Selecting any live bet will result in it being placed on a betting slip where you will decide how much you want to bet and confirm or cancel the bet. You will need to act quickly when it comes to live bets however, as the betting  odds are constantly changing.

Conclusion: Betting Slip is Where it All Starts

The concept of betting slips is a fairly simple one and pretty much anyone who has ever bet on sports understands it. However, when it comes to online bookies, it is important to remember that the betting slip is the place where all betting starts and just clicking on selections won’t do anything.

Once you are ready to bet, check out your betting slip for selections and final odds, review them all in one place and make your bets on singles, doubles or combos anyway you like.

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