Betting Provider Comparison/Live Betting Sites in Kenya: Get the Live Action Going

Live Betting Sites in Kenya: Get the Live Action Going

bwin live betting

Live betting has become an extremely popular form of sports betting in recent years, and sites that operate in Kenya have also started introducing it to their offer. We decided to analyze all the live betting sites in Kenya and present you with the absolute best ones in this category.

Comparison of Live Betting Sites in Kenya

Quite a few betting sites in Kenya have introduced live betting options to their betting portfolios. The table below is a representation of how the best live betting sites in Kenya stack up against each other, after extensive analysis and rating.

Betfair Bonus
50% up to 20GBP
Sky Bet Bonus
100% up to 10GBP
William Hill Bonus
300% up to 30GBP
BetVictor Bonus
400% up to 40GBP
Sbobet Bonus
100% up to 200EUR
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To the Provider

Our list consists of live bookmakers that provide the best service to their users in a series of categories. We rated bookies in how they treat their customers, what type of bonuses they provide, what kind of live betting markets they offer etc. The list we came up with is a clear representation of the actual best bookmakers in Kenya that provide in-play betting.

Betway Live Betting

Bet live with international bookmakers including Betway

Rating Criteria for Live Betting Bookmakers

We made a series of tests on each bookmaker out there, and rated each live bookmaker over a series of categories. The following categories were used in rating:

  • Bookmaker Bonus: One of the first things users notice when joining a new bookmaker is the betting sign up bonus that is offered. Bonuses are an important part of a bookie’s offer, so they were one of the criteria in which we rated bookmakers.
  • Sports and Markets: The choice of live betting sports and markets as well as general betting options was our next criteria. After all, punters want to bet on sports of their choice and best bookies allow just that.
  • Customer Support: Being able to contact customer support at any time and in a quick way is also very important. We paid special attention to the quality of customer support as well as speed and responsiveness.
  • Deposits and Cashouts: The speed and cost of moving money into the betting account and cashing it out are also very important. This is why we made banking another one of our rating categories. Check out our list of sites where betting with M-PESA is possible if this is your preferred method of payment.
  • Security: Live betting is fun, but staying safe while doing it is very important. We made sure to test all the bookmakers on our list for how secure they are and how safe the players can feel while betting with them.
  • Betting Odds: Prices change at rapid speed during live betting. We rated bookmakers for the betting odds they provide in comparison to others, putting the best prices at the top of our list.
  • Platform Usability: When making in-play bets, having a clear and intuitive platform becomes even more important than it normally is. This is why we made the platform quality and usability another one of our rating categories.
  • Live Betting: An important category in this day and age, live betting platforms of bookmakers in Kenya were rated to find the best live bookie in the country. The list on this page shows you who they are.
  • Betting Limits: It is important that users have the option of betting anything they want. We rated bookmakers in betting limits as well, looking for those that allow low minimal and high maximum stakes.
  • Special Features: Special features like premature cashouts and bets categorization were also pretty high up on our list of rating criteria. The more special features a bookie has to offer, the better its rating.

Advantages of Live Sports Betting

Live sports betting has been available at some of the best sports betting sites out there for some time now, allowing punters to place bets on sports matches that have already started. This kind of betting allows for some great sports betting strategies to be applied and adds a very fun new element to the whole betting experience.

BWIN Live Betting

BWIN offers a state of the art live betting platform

Live betting is an excellent source of entertainment for just about anyone. Whether you are a hardcore sports bettor or just a sports fan, live betting is a great way to make watching sports a lot more fun. Placing bets on the event you are watching, as it is unfolding, really makes you feel like you are a part of the overall experience in a much more meaningful way.

Live sports betting can also be extremely profitable if you know what you are doing. Watching an event gives you a chance to predict future events with a much higher degree of accuracy, which in turn allows you to show bigger profits and make more winning bets. However, you first need to find the right live bookmaker to bet with, and that is what this page was made for.

Live Sports Betting Tips

Live sports betting is definitely a very fun and enjoyable experience for just about anyone. To make it even more enjoyable for you, we have come up with a few live sports betting tips that you should follow.

  1. Act Quickly: Live betting is all about speed. You need to bet when the odds are favorable, and since they change so quickly, it is imperative that you make the bet the moment you see favorable odds without much hesitation.
  2. Watch the Game: If you are going to bet live, you better be watching the game you are betting on. This will give you a great edge, as seeing the teams playing on the pitch and getting the feel for the game is a true game changer.
  3. Go with Your Gut: When watching the game, you will often get that feeling that a team is just about to score or that one side will win for sure. If you are experienced with the sport in question, your gut is probably right, so go with it.
  4. Let the Odds Increase: Making the same bet pre-game or just 10 minutes into play will often see the betting odds grow a few points. This is a great trick that you can use to make bets that you would normally make, at a better price.
  5. Bet What You Know: Live betting lobby can be very tempting and punters often make random bets they know nothing about, just looking at the odds. Don’t do this! Only bet on sports you really know and preferably the games you are watching, to be able to make bets that actually make sense.

Conclusion: Bet Live with Best Kenyan Live Bookmakers

Live betting is probably the most exciting form of sports betting available. If you love sports betting and have never tried betting live, you should definitely give it a go at one of our recommended live Kenyan bookmakers. Live betting markets are only just getting heated in Kenya, so jump in while the time is right. Sign up today, claim your bonuses and start betting live with best odds available.

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