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Baseball Betting Tips: MLB Betting Predictions and Previews

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Baseball is one of those sports that most Americans are very passionate about, but rest of the world usually does not follow. This does not mean that we can’t join in on the action however, as plenty of betting sites in Kenya include baseball betting in their portfolio. Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to make good baseball bets!

Current Baseball Betting Tips

Our list of baseball betting tips is being extended with every week of the MLB. The table below has all our latest MLB betting tips in it, with new ones added weekly. If you are looking for extensive baseball betting previews and tips, look no further.

Warriors v Knights – 10.11.2017 – Betting Tip

The Ram Slam T20 Challenge 2017 is finally here and we could not be more excited for it. The tournament will open with a match between last season’s runners up Warriors and VKB Knights, who had a miserable last season and will be looking to improve on that. We bring you our experts betting tips and […]

Out baseball betting tips are produced through an extensive process of analysis and prediction. Every match is approached with extreme caution and we only choose those bets that we truly believe will end up being profitable. You can be sure that betting on any of our selections will result in positive results in the long run, so feel free to give it a shot.

Baseball Team Analysis

As in any other sport that we bet on, we start out our analysis of every baseball match by looking at the teams that will be competing. We look at the team’s tendencies, their individual quality, their overall record and head to head stats to try and get an idea of how the match may end up.

Of course, it is impossible to predict what will happen out on the pitch, but with so many games happening on a daily basis, we believe that baseball is one of the best sports to bet on. Our expert tipsters team does not focus on trying to predict the future, but rather on trying to get a good idea of those matches where an upset could be in the cards.

Baseball betting tips

Extensive understanding of the sport is crucial for making good bets

Some of our main strategies when it comes to baseball betting include betting against the public and looking for underdog who are likely to cause an upset. Since the public likes to bet on the favorites, the moneylines always reflect this and we find value in backing underdogs that have a realistic chance of pulling an upset, whether it is due to a lighter schedule, a home pitch advantage of any other factors.

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What to Look for in Baseball Betting

Baseball is a much more static sport than the likes of soccer or basketball. If you are not into baseball in particular, you can always look at our soccer betting tips or our cricket betting tips, but if you are a fan of baseball for all that it is, than keep reading and find out what you should be looking for in baseball bets.

  • Know Your Teams: Before you start making any baseball bets, even copying our tips, you should definitely get well acquainted with the teams and individual players playing in MLB. Note that MLB is one of the most exhaustive sporting competitions out there, so gathering all the data you need will take lots of time and dedication. Still, once you become an expert on the sport, it will be easier to bet on it as well.
  • Back the Underdogs: Baseball betting is more about supporting the underdogs than most other forms of sports betting. While in most sports betting on the underdogs to win will usually not be a great idea, in baseball upsets are a lot more common and the moneylines reflect this. Do your best to learn to recognize when and how the underdogs can win matches and place your bets when you can find such situations.
  • Bet Against the Public: As we already mentioned, in most cases it will be a good idea to bet against what most of the public is betting. It is basic human psychology to bet on the favorites and the moneyline changes as more and more money is placed on one side of the bet. The more of the public is backing the favorite, the more value there is in backing the underdogs.
  • Patience is Key: MLB is one of the longest and most extensive sporting competitions of the year. For this reason, there is absolutely no reason to rush into anything and make any bets that aren’t truly good value. Just as we propose in our tennis betting tips, don’t rush things and wait for the really good bets to come to you.

Make Our Tips Work for You

Our baseball betting tips are created with great care for detail and loads of information that can help you make more informed decisions and bets. Here are a few suggestions on how you can get the absolute maximum out of our baseball betting tips:

  1. Learn More About Baseball: If there is one great learning tool for the game of baseball out there, it is our betting tips pages. The tips include extensive and detailed analysis of all upcoming events, meaning that you will be able to learn about the teams and individual players without actually having to watch the matches for yourself.
  2. Find Best Odds: Our betting tips include links to the bookmakers who offer best betting odds for the matches in question. This way you can jump straight to betting and don’t have to look too hard for the best odds or worry about missing out on value you could have found elsewhere.
  3. Get the Best Bets: Without being too modest, we can easily say that our baseball betting tips include some of the best betting ideas for upcoming baseball matches you will find anywhere on the internet. Feel free to copy them and at the end of the season, you will be very glad you did.
Baseball betting predictions at BetVictor

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Conclusion: Get Your MLB Season Started in Style

Baseball is one of the most popular sports on the planet and baseball betting can be done at a variety of the best sports betting sites out there. Check out our baseball betting tips for the best predictions and previews in the industry and start making great baseball bets every single week. Follow our tips consistently and we promise you that you will have great fun and make tons of profit without breaking a sweat.

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