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Cricket Betting Tips: Best Cricket Betting Previews

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The growing popularity of cricket, especially its new T20 format has made cricket betting extremely common at the best sports betting sites in the world. Our betting experts have recognized the value of cricket betting and our cricket betting tips section includes some of the best cricket betting previews and predictions you will find on the internet.

Current Cricket Betting Tips

Have you been looking for a new sport to get involved with? Cricket betting provides great opportunity to find value so our team of betting experts works diligently to prepare the best cricket betting predictions available on the internet. Below, you will find all the current cricket betting tips that you can use to make some great cricket bets.

The introduction of the new T20 format to cricket has revolutionized the game and made cricket betting more convenient and appealing than ever before. While many people do not understand the intricacies of the sport, our pundits work around the clock, analyzing the games and preparing their cricket betting predictions to help you make the best bets possible. Keep reading and find out how our tips are made and what you should be doing to maximize your cricket betting profits.

How We Analyze Cricket Teams

Cricket is a team sport with rosters that often include more players than they do in most other sports, with fewer substitutions possible and actual squads for each game much harder to predict. Furthermore, things like home pitch provide a lesser advantage to teams, making the pre-game analysis more challenging.

Cricket Betting Tips

Online Bookies can teach you how to bet on cricket

Nevertheless, making betting predictions means knowing the teams who are competing, which is why our pundits make it a priority to analyze the two competing teams before every match. We try to predict what rosters both teams will put on the pitch and find value in the odds that the bookies are providing, as the odds are created based on the overall team quality, since the actual rosters are not known until the match is about to start.

While we do analyze the results of the teams’ recent performances just like we do with soccer betting tips and baseball betting tips and their past encounters with the opponent at hand, we also try to predict the team that may hit the pitch on the given day and how the two teams may line up against each other.

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What to Look for in Cricket Betting

The rising popularity of cricket betting definitely has much to do with the founding of the T20 format, which transformed the game from a slow paced and long lasting affair to a much more dynamic and more betting friendly sport.

As cricket gained in popularity, more and more betting sites in Kenya introduced it to their betting portfolio, giving punters plenty of opportunity to place their bets. However, making good cricket bets means understanding the sport at a high level and there are many different factors to look at when choosing what to bet on. Here are a few tips on what you should be looking for in cricket games that will help you make better bets:

  1. Home Pitch Advantage: The advantage of home pitch is a lot smaller in cricket compared to other team sports, but it still does exist. Analysis of some of the world’s most popular competitions has shown that teams tend to win more runs when playing on home pitch, which is an advantage to take into consideration.
  2. Rain and Pitch Quality: Rain can play a very significant factor in cricket and even cause games to be abandoned half way through. Pitch quality can also highly influence how teams play, especially in the game formats that last longer than T20, where pitch deteriorates over time and the team who is batting first has a major advantage.
  3. Live Betting Odds: Live betting in cricket can be quite lucrative. The quick pace of the T20 games causes plenty of twists in the betting odds and if you react quickly to changes on the pitch, you can gain an advantage over the bookmakers quite consistently. Watching the games live and placing in-play bets can be the best way to beat the bookies in cricket.
Cricket Betting Predictions

Bet on cricket with the best betting sites in Kenya

Cricket Betting Tips & Tricks

Our cricket betting tips are created to help you learn more about the game of cricket and potentially help you beat the bookies and win money at cricket betting. Here are a few more helpful tips that can be applied to cricket betting in general and that will help you make the best choices when it comes to the way you approach betting on cricket:

  • Watch the Games: Watching live cricket games and paying close attention to how certain players play against particular teams or how game dynamics tend to change will give you the intuition for the game that is necessary to be successful at cricket betting.
  • Bet In-Play: In-play betting is probably the most profitable kind of cricket betting as it provides a lot more opportunity for bookies to get the odds wrong and players with a good feel for the game to profit on the odds not changing fast or overpricing one side.
  • Find the Best Bookies: It is crucial to always bet at the best possible prices in all forms of sports betting. When looking to place cricket bets, be sure you are always betting with the bookmaker that is giving the best possible price.
  • Make Use of Promotions: Many bookmakers offer betting bonuses, free bets and exclusive promotions for cricket betting that add value to your bets. Make sure to use them all up and get the best possible return on every bet you are making.
  • Copy our Tips: Ultimately, simply copying our cricket betting tips is almost guaranteed to result in favorable results and solid returns of investment. Historically, our betting tipsters have great results across sports, including our English Premier League betting tips, CS: GO betting tips and of course our cricket betting tips.

Conclusion: Crush the Bookies at Cricket Betting

Cricket is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular betting sports. If you are looking for a new sport to add to your betting portfolio or are a fan of cricket in general, check out our current cricket betting predictions, make full use of our previews and gain an edge over the bookies the likes of which you never knew was possible to have.

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