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CS:GO Betting Tips: Bet on Video Game Tournaments

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eSports are a new and exciting form of sporting competitions that have drawn the attention of millions of fans worldwide. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular games in the category, which is why we have chosen to make it the one to start creating betting tips for. Keep reading and find the best CS:GO betting tips on the internet.

Current CS: GO Betting Tips

Counter Strike tournaments are going on around the world every day and we make sure to follow them all and bring you the best betting tips for each of them. Check out the list below for a full rundown of our current CS: GO betting tips.

While CS: GO betting is relatively a new thing, that does not mean it can’t be beat. Our team of eSports experts works relentlessly in collaboration with our betting experts to come up with betting tips for upcoming CS: GO matches. The list found here will help you place the best possible CS: GO bets at some of the best sports betting sites with an eSports section.

Knowledge is Power: Analysing CS: GO Contenders

Counter Strike and other eSports are played by professional gamers, but there is a big difference between professional games and actual athletes at this time. Much of this difference comes from the fact that athletes have usually spent their lives living a disciplined lifestyle and with a lot of sacrifice while gamers are for the most part just average young men who have never really put too much emphasis on things like discipline and order.

CS:GO Betting Tips

CS:GO Tournaments are gaining immense popularity

While the best CS: GO teams out there do train discipline, there is still a big difference for us when creating CS: GO betting tips as opposed to soccer betting tips, cricket betting tips or baseball betting tips and a lot of it has to do with the ever changing landscape of the eSports competitive scene.

So you must be wondering what it is that we look at when analysing the contending teams in a CS: GO match. Some of our most important criteria we take a close look at include:

  • Overall team performances
  • Recent team performances
  • Recent roster changes
  • Importance of the tournament
  • Recent big wins by the competing teams
  • Individual player quality

While eSports competitions are quite similar to actual sports in many ways, there are also many differences. For instance, it is not at all uncommon to see a team go and win a huge competition, then become complacent and stop performing well for a while, which rarely happens in other sports, making things like English Premier League betting a lot more consistent. While this seldom happens in sports like football or basketball, in CS: GO it is almost the norm.

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What to Look for In CS: GO Bets

So, you are probably wondering how to find a good CS: GO bet when there are so many variables that are hard to predict. However, all this unpredictability makes betting on eSports and CS: GO in particular quite a bit more profitable, as bookie mistakes are more common. With a good understanding of the game dynamics, gamers can make predictions with a much better accuracy than the bookies.

Given the rising popularity of CS: GO competitions and the number of teams that are competing, there is always plenty of matches to bet on. Our expert team makes sure to find the best matches to bet and only ever creates tips when there is value to be had.

CS:GO Betting Predictions

Best sports betting sites are opening eSports betting sections

Value in CS: GO betting comes from a deep understanding of all the various game dynamics, which the bookmakers simply don’t even try to understand. For the most part, bookmakers use just statistical analysis to create their odds, and this is where we and you can find an edge.

Always try to find matches where upsets are likely, where the favourite will not be playing at full capacity or where the two sides are evenly matched, with one standing to win more than the other. There are many elements that come into play when betting on CS: GO and only through experience can you really learn how to see the things our experts see. This is why we suggest watching lots of matches and learning from actual gameplay.

Making the Best of Our CS: GO Tips

Our CS: GO tips are some of the best in the world and you can definitely profit greatly from using them. Here are a few tips on how to make the best of our CS: GO betting tips as well as general tips on CS: GO betting.

  1. Copy Our Tips: Don’t be shy about copying our betting tips straight up. After all, this is why we put them up. We don’t recommend just copying ever bet we put up, but feel free to copy the ones you like after reading our analysis.
  2. Experiment with Our Tips: Just because we tip something, does not mean it will 100% happen. Feel free to experiment and change our tips any way you see fit. The more you know about the game, the more you will understand where we are coming from and be able to adapt our tips, especially if some new information arises.
  3. Help us Out: If you are a CS: GO player or betting expert and you are reading our tips, why not help us out. Feel free to review our tips and let us know what you would change or how you see the match in question. Our team is always looking for help, so feel free to pitch in.

More and more betting sites in Kenya are adding an eSports betting section to their platform and there are many places where you can bet on CS: GO nowadays. Make sure to always find the best betting odds on all our tips and feel free to start making money by copying our bets today.

Make Money with CS: GO Betting

CS: GO and other eSports are among the newest additions to the sports betting scene, which is why the time to make money is now. Make use of our CS: GO betting tips before the bookies get a good grip on the industry and beat them at their own game with our expert knowledge. Our expert team of pundits will publish new tips on a regular basis, so make sure you check back often and place bets on those events where our predictions make the most sense from your perspective.

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