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English Premier League Betting Tips: Betting Predictions

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English Premier League is one of the most popular sporting competitions in the world, and easily the most popular football league in Europe. Our special English Premier League betting tips section will help you make better EPL bets every week of the season, making it our most popular soccer betting tips section.

Current English Premier League Betting Tips

Our EPL betting tips are some of the best in the industry, providing detailed analysis of upcoming matches and reliable prognosis that is correct more often than not. While we can’t see the future, we do have a very good idea of how the teams in EPL may end up playing against each other. Check out the table below for a list of all the latest EPL betting tips.

Chelsea vs. Liverpool – May 6th 2018 – Betting Tip

With the season in the English Premier League coming close to its end, we will be on for a treat this Sunday as Chelsea play host to Liverpool at the Stamford Bridge in what will be one of the last big games of the season. The two sides come into the game with different motives, […]

Tottenham v Manchester City – 14.04.2018 – Betting Tip

The Premier League match of the week will be played at Wembley, where Spurs will be hosting the de facto champions, Manchester City. With a 13 point advantage at the top and only six more games to be player, City have all but locked up the title and their eyes are now on the Champions […]

Liverpool v Manchester City – 04.04.2018 – Betting Tip

In what may very well be the most competitive and interesting draw of the season’s UCL quarter finals, Liverpool are set to play Manchester City, with the first match scheduled for April 4th at the Anfield Road. The Reds have been in the chase for the second place in the EPL for weeks now, with […]

Crystal Palace v Liverpool – 31.03.2017 – Betting Tip

With 31 rounds behind us and only 7 remaining before another campaign of the Premier League is complete, Crystal Palace will be hosting Liverpool at their Selhurst Park in the hopes of snatching at least a single point against the powerful Reds and keep moving away from the relegation zone. Liverpool are looking good to […]

Chelsea vs. Tottenham – April 1st 2018 – Betting Tip

Both Chelsea and Tottenham will be missing their matches on the 16th and 17th due to the FA Cup matches being played on those dates, so their clash will be their very first Premier League game after they beat Crystal Palace and Bournemouth respectively. The match will be played on April 1st at 17:00. Chelsea […]

Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur – 18.11.2017 – Betting Tip

We are twelve weeks into the season and another North London Derby lies ahead of us, with both Arsenal and Tottenham maintaining reasonable form so far. Tottenham visit the Emirates following a defeat to Chelsea and will be looking to get back on the right track, hoping for the Manchester clubs to drop points and […]

The EPL betting tips you can find on this page are based on extensive analysis of upcoming English Premier League matches. Our analysis includes a look at previous results of the two teams meeting, current form, injuries, expectations and all other elements that may be relevant to the match at hand. Our team of sports betting experts is dedicated to creating betting tips that are based on hard evidence instead of random predictions and hopes.

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Analysis of English Premier League Teams

The process of betting tips creation is an extensive one that starts with our team sitting down and having a look at the upcoming games schedule. When it comes to the English Premier League betting predictions, there are ten matches on schedule per week, and our team selects the best matches to tip based on a variety of factors.

There is little use predicting heavy favorites like Manchester City to beat minnows, so instead we try to always create tips for matches that are a tighter competition with better odds. The analysis of particular matches starts with the dissection of both teams that are playing, their current position on the table, their injuries and internal problems, and their history of playing in similar matches.

English Premier League Betting Tips

EPL is one of the world’s leading football competitions

Since English Premier League teams usually have a long history of matches against each other, quite an extensive analysis is possible for many matches. While previous results are not always crucial, long time rivalries can prove significant and we know which teams historically do well against which.

The entire process of creating betting tips for EPL is based around going deep into each team playing and understanding how they may line up in the upcoming match, what their strengths and weaknesses are and what we can expect from them moving forward.

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How to Choose EPL Winners

There are many elements that come into play in choosing one team to beat another in an English Premier League match, with the league being so competitive and unpredictable. Here are a few of the most important factors that we take into consideration when creating our EPL tips:

  • Team Rivalry: Not every match in a league carries the same weight and this is especially true in EPL. Different teams have different levels of rivalry and competitiveness against each other. This is one of the first things we look at, which helps us predict the tempo and fierceness of the match.
  • Current Form: Individual quality aside, team form can be a decisive factor in any football match. In fact, many of our best betting tips came out of great teams in poor form performing badly against the underdogs. In such cases we are able to capitalize on the great betting odds offered on the nominally weaker side.
  • Individual Quality: Quality of individual players can often change games, especially those not expected to have too many goals in them. A single good striker can score the winning goal out of thin air. We take individual player quality and form very seriously when creating our tips.
  • The Drive: Teams that have something to fight for are often more driven than those whose fate is almost decided. Middle of the pack teams will often put up less of a fight than those in the relegation zone or at the very top, who are fighting for survival or the title.
  • The Tactics: Some teams play very offensive football and score a lot of goals, while others rely heavily on strong defense, counter attacks and low scoring matches. We take all of this into consideration before throwing out any betting tips.
  • The Home/Away Form: Simple glance at the table may show that a team is doing well or poorly, but that is not a full reflection of what you can expect. There are teams that do extremely well on home pitch while getting crushed in away matches, while others are very unpleasant guests to have. Make sure you understand how a team plays home and away before you place any bet of your own.
English Premier League betting predictions

Bet English Premier League matches with major international bookmakers

EPL Betting Tips & Tricks

English Premier League is an extremely competitive league with lots of exciting matches, fast pace and betting opportunities. If you are going to bet on EPL make sure to get the most value out of it, and you can do so by following these few tips and tricks that we always suggest to anyone who asks:

  1. Look for Price Boosts: EPL is so popular that some of the best sports betting sites often offer their users with enhanced prices for certain matches, giving extra value to both new and existing customers. When you are about to bet an EPL match, check if there are some price boosts available for it before placing a bet.
  2. Use Bonuses and Promos: Other promotions and bonuses are also often available for EPL betting. Make sure you are always taking advantage of all the bonuses that you can get at the bookmakers you are using.
  3. Try Sports Exchanges: Sports exchanges such as the Betfair Exchange often offer better odds than sportsbooks as you get to bet against other users at prices that you and they choose for yourselves. Exchange betting can often be more profitable than regular sports betting.
  4. Pay Attention to Other Competitions: In EPL, teams often end up getting bogged down and playing in up to four different competitions at the same time. Make sure to keep this in mind as coaches may often rest key players for UCL matches or play those who were being rested during a Cup match during mid-week.
  5. Don’t Underestimate Anyone: Unlike in so many other leagues out there, EPL is a competition where there are truly no weak teams. Pretty much anyone can win any match, which is why you should be careful and not underestimate teams or make bets on anyone at low odds.

Conclusion: Start Betting with EPL Tips

Our English Premier League tips are available free of charge for all our users to take advantage of. If you are looking for some help with betting or simply want to know what our expert tipsters have to predict for the upcoming EPL matches, follow our EPL betting tips on a regular basis and never skip a value bet again in your life. We can promise that every single tip you find in our EPL betting tips section is original and made from scratch by our team of pundits and betting experts.

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