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Tennis Betting Tips: Professional Tennis Betting Previews

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If you enjoy betting tennis and are looking for some help, you have come to the right place. Our team of betting experts have prepared some of the best tennis betting tips in the industry just for you. Keep reading and find out more about our tennis betting predictions.

Current Tennis Betting Tips

Check out the list below for all the current tennis betting tips available. Find out what our betting pundits expect to happen in the upcoming tennis matches in all the best tournaments around the world and pick your favourite bets to copy and make money on.

Marin Cilic vs Jack Sock – 14.11.2017 – Betting Tip

The debutante Jack Sock was not intimidated by the raucous atmosphere and the bright lights on his London debut, but his fine serving display was not enough for a serious challenge in the opening clash with the greatest of all time. The American did manage to lead the second set into tie-break saving five break […]

Our team of betting pundits includes some of the finest tennis betting experts in the world. Follow our tennis betting predictions on a regular basis and stay informed on how the betting markets are developing. Make bets based on our predictions or simply learn more about the game of tennis and see how our team makes the best of every tennis match being played.

Knowing your Man: Analysis of Tennis Players

All the tips you will ever find among our tennis betting tips are based on extensive analysis of tennis players. Find out how different players play on different surfaces, how they stack up against certain opponents, what they flaws and strengths are. Our betting experts leave nothing to chance and aim to know each player’s habits, weaknesses and personal preferences. This is why out betting tips will give you more information than you could possibly find out on your own.

Tennis Betting Tips

Learn everything about the tennis players before betting

Of course, if you don’t believe us, you don’t have to bet right away. Follow our betting tips for a while and see our prognosis turn into reality as the understanding our punters have of tennis betting is truly at an impressive level.

The real secret behind our success lies in a personal approach to each player’s statistics and other information. We aim to understand how each player plays under different circumstances and why and this gives us an edge against the bookmakers and makes it possible for us to make better bets than most casual punters.

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What We Look for In Tennis Bets

Tennis betting tips take a bit of a different approach than soccer betting tips or baseball betting tips as it is an individual sport where single players are competing against one another and the factors behind success and failure are somewhat different. This is why we have a dedicated team of tennis experts and punters who take various tennis specific aspects into consideration when making their bets, including:

  • ATP Standings
  • Current form of competing players
  • Player form on specific surface
  • Previous encounters of the players
  • Impact of player strengths and weaknesses
  • Importance of the tournament

There are truly many factors that come into play in every tennis match that can impact the eventual winner and other specifics of the match. The ATP ranking alone is not enough to determine the probability of a player winning a match. Other elements, such as current form, recent injuries and the importance of the competition for the specific player all come into play.

Unlike many other sports where many players can decide the outcome of the match, tennis matches come down to two men or women head to head. This is why a heavy focus on their strengths and weaknesses and their specific styles of play can come in very handy.

Tennis betting predictions

Bet on tennis at world’s best sportsbooks

Our betting experts don’t just focus on who is more likely to win the match at the end. Things like the overall number of games and other lesser aspects of the match can all be valuable betting options under the right conditions. For example, a tight tennis match between two highly ranked players may be hard to predict winner wise, but a large number of games may be in the cards.

Our experts miss nothing, as deep analysis is done of each and every player in every tournament. We look for matches where value bets are possible and aim not to bet any random match, but rather find bookie mistakes and bet on those matches that offer profit in theoretical terms.

Tennis Betting Tips & Tricks

Using our tennis betting tips is bound to help you make more profitable tennis bets. However, we want to help you become better at sports betting in general, with or without our tips. Here are a few tips and tricks we believe will help you with tennis betting in every occasion, whether using our betting predictions or not:

  1. Be Mindful of The Surface: The surface on which a tournament is being played can be of crucial importance. Even some of the world’s best players can be relatively weak on one surface, while being the world’s best on another. Always consult statistics for the specific surface on which a tournament is being played and don’t look too much into the overall statistics.
  2. Look for Young Upcoming Players: Biggest surprises in tennis often come from young players who have not yet proven their worth. Watch matches where young players are playing in order to try and figure out which players are showing potential and can possibly beat their older colleagues who are heavy favourites with the bookies.
  3. Look for Best Odds: Never settle for mediocre betting odds. Betting sites in Kenya often offer sub-par odds, so go out and shop for the best odds available online. Only place your bets once you are sure that the price you are getting is the best possible one. The slight edges truly stack up.
  4. Copy Our Bets: Copying our tips and predictions is probably the easiest way to make money at tennis betting. While we can’t promise you that every bet we place will land, we expect that you will be making a decent profit over time if you keep copying our tennis bets straight up, so why not give it a shot by betting at some of the best sports betting site out there.
  5. Learn from Our Pundits: If you want to learn how to think about tennis betting, read our betting predictions on a regular basis and see how our experts create their tips. This will help you understand the sport better and make bets of your own with more confidence and a better success rate.

Start Your Tennis Betting Journey

Tennis is easily one of the world’s most popular sports, and it is no surprise that so many tennis bets are being placed for every single tournament. If you are the kind of fan who loves to place some bets on the matches they are playing, make sure to keep track of our tennis betting predictions and feel free to copy our selections and build up your betting bankroll. Our tennis betting tips guarantee value and long term profits for those players who stick with us long enough.

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